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Engineering Careers

The interdisciplinary nature of engineering careers means that master’s-level engineering graduates have opportunities to work within nearly any industry as well as alongside other experts across disciplines. Salary potential for most engineering roles varies significantly based on the amount of experience you have, but education also plays a major role for specific positions.

For example, the average salary for software engineers overall is $83,021, according to PayScale. However, for software engineers with an M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, the average increases to more than $91,000.

At MSU, graduate engineering students have opportunities to build on skills most relevant to the careers they want as well as receive guidance from faculty. Whether you’re interested in careers in industry, business, non-profit, government or an academic environment, you can tailor your experience at MSU for your goals.

Average salary of MSU Master of Engineering Alumni

Source: PayScale

Electrical Engineering Careers

Because nearly all technology essential to modern life has at least some electrical components, electrical engineers can work anywhere. Career opportunities vary considerably depending on an individual’s specialization.

According to, the top skills for electrical engineering include automation, power systems, embedded systems, electronics, testing and instrumentation. However, the complexity of modern electrical systems and components as well as their interaction with other systems means that soft skills like the ability to apply creativity to technical knowledge and critical thinking are becoming key assets for electrical engineers.

The table below includes selected salaries for common electrical engineering titles. For all roles listed, salary potential continues to climb with years into experience even for late-career professionals (more than 20 years in the industry). For example, although the average and median salaries for control systems engineers are both $77,777, the average increases to $97,000 for those with more than 10 years of experience and $112,000 for control systems engineers with more than 20 years in the field.

Electrical Engineering Salaries

Electrical Engineering Job Title Median Salary
Electrical Engineer $73,3337
Control Systems Engineer $77,777
Information Technology Manager $85,078
Design Engineering Manager $104,147
Principal Electrical Engineer $124,631
Principal Systems Engineer $124,905


Mechanical Engineering Careers

Mechanical engineering has become an increasingly multidisciplinary field. With the complexity of modern mechanical systems and equipment, mechanical engineers must be aware of issues ranging from interactions between materials, behavior of materials under drastically different conditions and the design and optimization of highly complex, interconnected systems.

As with many other engineering disciplines, level of experience plays a critical role in determining salary potential. Mechanical engineer salaries continue to rise through mid-level and late-career professionals. For example, the average salary for a mechanical engineer with 5-10 years of experience is $78,000, while this increases to $100,000 for those with more than 20 years of experience.

Education also plays a role for many specific titles. Mechanical engineers with a master’s degree earn approximately 9% higher salaries than mechanical engineers overall, according to PayScale.

Mechanical Engineering Salaries

Mechanical Engineering Job Title Median Salary
Project Engineer $67,070
Mechanical Engineer $69,004
Project Manager, Engineering $89,130
Senior Manufacturing Engineer $89,681
Senior Mechanical Engineer $94,770
Engineering Group Manager $112,256


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