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Online Master’s Engineering Programs
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MSU Engineering Faculty

Our professors are distinguished in both the academic and professional engineering communities, with many holding senior memberships with organizations such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME).

Our faculty’s research is widely published and includes areas that few groups in the world are studying. At the same time, our breadth of expertise and collaborative atmosphere offer a level of mentorship and student support that few other universities can offer. Our key areas of research include electromagnetics, biomechanics, diamond technology, micro-nano electronics & VLSI, evolutionary computing & algorithms, design optimization, robotics & control and signal processing.

Professors at MSU are committed to the development of our students’ education, and they bring their experience to the classroom through examples leveraged from research, connections with leading industry practitioners and the broad collective expertise of the MSU College of Engineering.

Headshot of André Bénard
André Bénard
Associate Professor
(517) 432-1522
Headshot of Subir Biswas
Subir Biswas
(517) 432-4614
Headshot of Shaunak Bopardikar
Shaunak Bopardikar
Assistant Professor
(517) 432-4614
Headshot of Tamara Reid Bush
Tamara Reid Bush
Professor, and Associate Dean for Inclusion and Diversity
(517) 353-9544
Headshot of Prem Chahal
Prem Chahal
Associate Professor
(517) 355-0248
Headshot of Karim Chatti
Karim Chatti
Professor of Pavement Engineering and Director of the University Transportation Center on Highway Pavement Preservation
(517) 355-6534
Headshot of Kalyanmoy Deb
Kalyanmoy Deb
Koenig Endowed Chair Professor for Electrical and Computer Engineering; Affiliated faculty for Computer Science & Engineering and Mechanical Engineering
(517) 432-2144
Headshot of Brian Feeny
Brian Feeny
(517) 353-9451
Headshot of Timothy J. Gates
Timothy J. Gates
Associate Professor of Transportation Engineering
(517) 353-7224
Headshot of Timothy Grotjohn
Timothy Grotjohn
(517) 353-8906
Headshot of Syed Waqar Haider
Syed Waqar Haider
Associate Professor of Pavement Engineering
(517) 353-9782
Headshot of Tim Hogan
Tim Hogan
Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
(517) 432-3176
Headshot of Farhad Jaberi
Farhad Jaberi
(517) 432-4678
Headshot of Qingxu Jin
Qingxu “Bill” Jin
Assistant Professor
(517) 355-2216
Headshot of Venkatesh Kodur
Venkatesh Kodur
University Distinguished Professor
(517) 353-9813
Headshot of M. Emin Kutay
M. Emin Kutay
Professor of Pavement Engineering
(517) 353-9297
Headshot of Patrick Kwon
Patrick Kwon
(517) 355-0173
Headshot of Nizar Lajnef
Nizar Lajnef
Associate Professor; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
(517) 353-8883
Headshot of Woongkul (Matt) Lee
Woongkul (Matt) Lee
Assistant Professor
(517) 355-5066
Headshot of Tontong Li
Tontong Li
(517) 355-7688
Headshot of Nihar Mahapatra
Nihar Mahapatra
Associate Professor
(517) 432-4617
Headshot of Joydeep Mitra
Joydeep Mitra
Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering
(517) 353-8528
Headshot of Daniel Morris
Daniel Morris
Associate Professor
(517) 432-4427
Headshot of Ranjan Mukherjee
Ranjan Mukherjee
Professor, and Interim Chair of Mechanical Engineering Department
(517) 355-1834
Headshot of Jeff Nanzer
Jeff Nanzer
Dennis P. Nyquist Associate Professor
(517) 432-8089
Headshot of John Papapolymerou
John Papapolymerou
Chairperson/MSU Foundation Professor
(517) 355-5066
Headshot of Thomas Pence
Thomas Pence
(517) 353-3889
Headshot of Hayder Radha
Hayder Radha
(517) 432-9958
Headshot of Sara Roccabianca
Sara Roccabianca
Assistant Professor
(517) 432-3185
Headshot of Himanshu Sahasrabudhe
Himanshu Sahasrabudhe
Assistant Professor
Headshot of Peter T. Savolainen
Peter T. Savolainen
Foundation Professor of Transportation Engineering and Interim Chairperson of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(517) 432-1825
Headshot of Nelson Sepúlveda
Nelson Sepúlveda
Professor; Associate Chair for Graduate Studies; Adjunct Professor Mechanical Engineering
(517) 432-2130
Headshot of Xiaobo Tan
Xiaobo Tan
MSU Foundation Professor and Richard M. Hong Endowed Chair; Associate Chair for Research; Adjunct Professor Mechanical Engineering
(517) 432-4614
Headshot of Lik Chuan Lee
Lik Chuan Lee
Associate Chair for Graduate Studies for the Mechanical Engineering Department
(517) 432-4563
Headshot of Yuping Wang
Yuping Wang
Academic Specialist
Headshot of Neil Wright
Neil Wright
Associate Professor
(517) 432-4917
Headshot of Junlin Yuan
Junlin Yuan
Assistant Professor
(517) 353-6733