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Civil Engineering Articles

What Is Pavement Engineering?

30 November, 2021

As roads and highways fall into disrepair, the widespread need for major infrastructure investments has become central to policy debates across the United States. There are urgent questions about how to rebuild our transportation systems so they are safe, durable and environmentally sustainable. Civil engineers who specialize in pavement design,… Read more >

What is Transportation Engineering?

25 October, 2021

The transportation sector has undergone a sea change over the past few years, as more cities pilot smart city initiatives with intelligent transportation systems (ITS). With ITS technologies, cities can gather and analyze data to design safer roads, cleaner vehicles, and more efficient travel. New York City, for example, has… Read more >

What Can You Do with a Master’s in Civil Engineering?

24 May, 2021

The future of transportation promises amazing possibilities, like highways equipped with integrated systems that warn connected and autonomous vehicles about hazardous conditions in real time. But realizing those possibilities as well as ensuring safer, more efficient and more sustainable transportation requires the contributions of experts in infrastructure design and development…. Read more >

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